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About Us

Established in 2020, the Mu Beta Lambda Alumni Association is a continuation of the undergraduate business fraternity with the intention of ongoing development amongst our alumni members, as well as continued support of our undergraduate members. It was created to keep alumni members connected to the mission of Mu Beta Lambda beyond the undergraduate experience.

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Our Purpose

  • Provide mental, emotional, and social support to alumni members, while further developing them into world-class business professionals

  • Facilitate professional development & networking opportunities for membership

  • Cultivate entrepreneurial skills for underrepresented business students and professionals

  • Foster diversity, inclusion & belonging in our professions

  • Increase and sustain the matriculation rate for underrepresented business students at the undergraduate and graduate-level

  • Drive unification and uplift underrepresented communities

Our Values

​The alumni association's adaption of the MBL pillars are as follows: 

  1. Community Engagement 

  2. Life-long Learning

  3. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

  4. Kinship

  5. Professional Development

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Our Objectives

  • Provide internal support and resources to promote the academic and professional prosperity of members

  • Uphold a spirit of kinship, service, collaboration, and diversity

  • Promote the retention and growth of our network by offering opportunities for growth and incentives for engagement 

  • Provide opportunities for members to attend programs, case competitions, workshops, and conferences that develop communication, critical thinking, and leadership skills

  • Build and maintain a professional network in various industries that can be leveraged by MBL members to advance their career endeavors 

  • Establish and expand MBL into a premiere professional business-focused organization within business schools and our communities through membership growth, academic excellence, career achievement, and economic development

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