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Mu Class
Fall 2022

Coming here at IU, there isn't a lot of people who look like me. I struggled finding community. I wish I had joined sooner. When I got in the organization, I found a lot of connections - even at my internship. I found a Mu who guided me and took me under her wing and we hadn't met prior. But she knew me based on the strength of being in MBL. I wanted to develop connections but also have a network of brothers and sisters that I can rely on and I can talk to that are striving for a similar mission that I am in life.


Kappa Class
Fall 2020

When I was a freshman, I wanted to find one thing in business I could really be involved in. I heard about MBL through upperclassmen and people I knew in Kelley. Over the last four years my reasoning has expanded as the chapter has evolved. It has become much more intrinsic for me. I believe in the mission and have grown to love all the people that I have met.

Aramide Ogunmekan


Lambda Class
Spring 2022

The advice I would give for future Mu's is to be authentic. We pride ourselves in being diverse in the communities that we bring in and therefore if you bring a different perspective, we welcome that.

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