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"the Nation's first and only minority-based business fraternity" 


A Letter from the President

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Mu Beta Lambda Business Fraternity Inc. website! My name is Aramide Ogunmekan, and I am serving as President of this chapter for the 2023 - 2024 school year. I joined Mu Beta Lambda my freshman year in the Fall of 2020. I was drawn to the organization first by its mission but ultimately by its people. As a student from Texas coming to Indiana with no connections, I was looking for a group of ambitious business students to surround myself with and hopefully become my home away from home. And even beyond the atmosphere of encouraging one another to progress academically and professionally, Mu Beta Lambda provided the bonus of a community of students that empathized with and advocated for me as a minority in business. Our mission of uniting and developing bright minority students is one that I hold in high esteem, and have been privileged to be a part of this fraternity as we work towards this mission daily.


Holding different positions in Mu Beta Lambda has allowed me to develop my leadership, organizational, and communication skills over the years. When I served as Director of Membership, I was able to coordinate and execute the intake process, ultimately inducting the Lambda class into our organization. When I served as External Vice President the following year, I was able to liaison between our organization and different companies also dedicated to the advancement of minority professionals. And for this year serving as President, I plan to uphold our pillars through the execution of internal and external events and initiatives, to expand our fraternity, and to set a foundation for future members to thrive, achieve success, and find community.


Mu Beta Lambda is a revolutionary organization of individuals dedicated to the empowerment of minority professionals. We, as young professionals, utilize our network to create opportunities for the advancement of our members and our community. Mu Beta Lambda, the nation’s first minority-based business fraternity, was founded on February 17, 2012, by nine visionaries, who wanted to bring together diverse, business-savvy students and create an environment for them to excel. Our pillars of Kinship, Diversity & Culture, Professionalism, Scholarship, Community Service and Sustainability form the strong foundation our business fraternity lies on and the principles we hold our members accountable to. From here, we see them go on to on-campus leadership positions, internships, and full-time job offers before graduation. Each year, we are growing as an organization and developing ourselves to be the business leaders of tomorrow, all while positively impacting Indiana University’s campus along the way.


To unite bright minority students and to further develop them into cultured, ethical, exceptional and enterprising business professionals.
We know firsthand the need for improved acceptance and inclusion of culture and diversity in the business world. Diversity and culture are critically important for all professional endeavors, especially with respect for increasing globalization.
Professional development is the primary purpose of our organization. We are as dedicated to improving inclusion in professional settings as we are to our own personal development. 
We strive to create a strong bond  and support system between the diverse, cultured, and likeminded individuals that make up our organization through events and time spent together. 
Professionals and leaders are forever students of their environment. Today, we focus on our academic achievements so that, as we grow into the business leaders of tomorrow, we remain dedicated to scholarship and active learning in our careers.
We understand that a business is only as good as the community around it. For this reason, we instill a strong commitment to service in our members so that they may continue to practice commitment throughout their professional careers. 


An individual is truly exceptional when they care about the environment that provides for them. Being sustainable should be standard of living and we must take active steps to reduce negative externalities.

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