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A Letter from the President

As president of Mu Beta Lambda Business Fraternity, Inc, it is with great pleasure to welcome you to our website. Please allow me to introduce myself and this organization. My name is Micah Jackson; I joined Mu Beta Lambda my freshman year of Spring 2019. During my first semester, I was presented with many different extracurricular opportunities within Kelley and Indiana University. However, none fit me as perfectly as Mu Beta Lambda. Being surrounded by a diverse community of students who are passionate about seeing others succeed, no matter what race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or religion, inspired and helped me grow into the professional I am today. Throughout my time here, Mu Beta Lambda has helped me grow both personally and professionally, honing my skills in networking, team leadership, and, most importantly, active listening. Everyone here has given me so much insight and opened my eyes to many new perspectives on life. Within my previous role as Intake Leader, I was able to see myself and those around me not only learn skills such as organization, time management, and accountability, but also learn how to communicate and adequately listen to and accommodate other members ideas, beliefs, and concerns.


Mu Beta Lambda is a revolutionary organization of individuals dedicated to the empowerment of minority professionals. We, as young professionals, utilize our network to create opportunities for the advancement of our members and our community. Mu Beta Lambda, the nation’s first minority-based business fraternity, was founded on February 17, 2012, by nine visionaries, who wanted to bring together diverse, business-savvy students and create an environment for them to excel. Our pillars of Kinship, Diversity & Culture, Professionalism, Scholarship, and Community Service form the strong foundation our business fraternity lies on and the principles we hold our members accountable to. From here, we see them go on to on-campus leadership positions, internships, and full-time job offers before graduation. Each year, we are growing as an organization and developing ourselves to be the business leaders of tomorrow, all while positively impacting Indiana University’s campus along the way.



    Micah Jackson

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