One of the perks of becoming a member of the MBLAA is that you get to take advantage of the MBLAA resources! Here are a few of the great resource opportunities that we encourage our members to utilize.

MBL Membership Database

The MBL Membership Database, or "MMD", is a digital network that archives the profiles of all MBL members. Housed on our "Slack" platform, active members can log in and utilize this database to network with all of our members across the country.

MBL Job Board

The MBL Job Board is a search engine for members to post and apply for jobs, specifically through membership referrals. Similarly to the MMD, this is a great way for active members to target their networking efforts and advance their companies and careers.

Professional Development Resource Library

The Professional Development Resource Library is a curated collection of articles, podcasts, videos, websites, seminars, and more that help develop our members personally and professionally. It's a way for us to advance our mission in continue to shape and develop our members into bright business leaders. 

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