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Meeting Room

If you're looking to get involved with the operations of the MBLAA, then we highly encourage you to join a committee! Joining a committee is a great way to get involved and serve the organization and its members. 

There are six main committees, with some having subcommittees for more specific tasks. Feel free to join more than one committee if you're interested in multiple committees. If you're interested in learning more about how you can join committees, please click below so we can get you plugged in.







  • Writes grants and proposals for funding

  • Facilitates donations and patronage

  • Coordinates fundraising efforts 

  • Drafts and manages the yearly budget

  • Maintains and updates the MBL Constitution 

  • Maintains and updates MBLAA By-laws  

  • Maintains and updates the organizational structure 

  • Drafts and maintains any other MBLAA governance documents

  • Ensures members are in good standing, regarding participation

  • Facilitates membership record-keeping and archive maintenance

  • Makes efforts to reactivate inactive alumni

  • Conducts membership survey and analyzes membership data 

  • Connect members to the best MBLAA programs for their membership needs 

  • Transitions new alumni members into the alumni association

Programs & Events


Strategy & Branding


Undergraduate Affairs


  • Determines, plans, and coordinates events 

  • Determines, plans, and coordinates programs 

  • Plans and facilitates philanthropic activities and service opportunities

  • Maintains relationships with companies for networking opportunities

  • Coordinates professional development programs for members

  • Sets, plans, and maintains the strategic goals of the organization

  • Manages all marketing efforts including management of the website, email, social media, apparel, and other marketing materials 

  • Maintains correspondence with external organizations to promote the MBLAA via newsletters and other publications

  • Acts as a liaison between the alumni association and the undergraduate chapter 

  • Implements undergraduate support efforts through programing

  • Assists in undergraduate chapter operations and compliance

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