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Mu Lineage 

Mu Beta Lambda 

Founding Date : February 17th, 2012

Incorporation Date : October 18th, 2012

Neal Marshall Establishment Plaque Date : February 17th, 2020


Bryce Grimes

Finance and Entreprenuership

Indianapolis, Indiana

Jessica Rizzi

Operations Management, Entrepreneurship, Corporate Innovation

Long Island, New York

Amber Toombs


Indianapolis, Indiana  

Emma Campbell

Business Economics, Public Policy Analysis 

Indianapolis, Indiana 

Benjamin Agnibo

Speech and Hearing Science

Schererville, Indiana 

Uriel Omar Gama 

Public Management 

Indianapolis, Indiana 

William Mclaurin 

Accounting and Finance

Gary, Indiana 

Nu Class

Notorious Nu

Spring March 24 2023

Mu Class

Momentous Mu Class

Fall December 5 2022